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Week 1 Admit Comparison: Bharat v/s Total Dhamaal

As far as Hindi cinema is concerned, a good multi-starrer family film and a good film with a bigger star has always worked for the audience, especially in the first week of the film's release. But when a big film gets released on a big holiday, the story changes. We had two such releases in past two quarters; a multi-starrer, Total Dhamaal, that released in the end of February and a big budget film, Bharat, with a bigger star that released in the first week of June.

Total Dhamaal was a non-holiday film while Bharat was released on the festival of Eid. If we look at the number of people coming to cinema halls to watch these films in the first week of their release, the difference is greater as Bharat had a nine-day week while Total Dhamaal  had a seven-day week. If we look at the nine-day week, then Bharat's footfalls are 50 per cent higher than that of Total Dhamaal. These are the numbers of the biggest four cinema chains of India - PVR, Inox, Carnival and Cinepolis. Refer the table below for the detailed analysis:

First week admit compare
Multiplex Wednesday & Thursday  1st week Bharat 9 Days Total Dhamaal
PVR Cinemax 5,68,630 10,15,983 15,84,613 9,07,353
Inox 4,85,924 8,01,544 12,87,468 9,07,712
Carnival 3,35,701 4,87,566 8,23,267 6,22,616
Cinepolis 2,31,511 3,63,499 5,95,010 4,20,572
Total 16,21,766 26,68,592 42,90,358 28,58,253


As we see in the table above, in PVR, Bharat's footfalls are approximately 74.64 per cent higher than Total Dhamaal, in INOX they are 41.83 per cent higher; in Carnival they are 32.22 per cent higher, and in Cinepolis they are 41.47 per cent higher.

- Bhavi Gathani

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