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“Interesting” is your first impression when you listen to the audio track of this Ashutosh Gowariker film. Interesting because the album lacks instant appeal but it could catch one’s fancy.
The newcomer Sohail Sen (Sohail’s father is Sameer Sen of ‘Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen’ fame) makes his debut and the album could make or break him as hehas been tasked with the daunting prospect of filling no less than A R Rahman’s shoes—Rahman has composed the music for most of Gowariker’s films.

He also doubles as playback singer in what could be dubbed as Gowariker’s first musical. Yes, 13 songs, including one for each sign of the zodiac!
The pick of the lot are Jao Na, Koi Jaane Na, Bikhri Bikhri and Sau Janam. Jao Na (Sohail Sen/Tarannum Malik) is a delicious mix of Sohail’s vocals and lilting guitar strains. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are beautifully simple while Sohail’s heartfelt rendition makes it very likable.
The insightful Koi Jaane Na (Rajab Ali Bharti/ Bela Shende) is an unexpected inclusion in the soundtrack of a romantic comedy. Akhtar’s lyrics are powerful but Rajab Ali’s soulful singing makes it special.

The melodious ballad Bikhri Bikhri (Sohail Sen/Marianne D’Cruz) is complemented by the contrast of the tabla and Marianne’s background vocals. The lyrics are slightly somber but suit the sensitive Cancerian.

What’s Your Raashee? – Chehre Jo Dekhte Hain (Sohail Sen) is a good choice for the credit roll. Another promising voice in the album is Aslesha Gowariker, the director’s sister. She is the voice behind Aa Le Chal, a song with great promise but that falls short.

Songs like Pyaari Pyaari (Alka Yagnik/Sohail Sen), Su Chhe (Sohail Sen/Bela Shinde), Salone kya (Tarannum Mallik/Sohail Sen) and Dhadkan Dhadkan (Tarannum Mallik/ Sohail Sen) are not upto scratch.

Verdict: With eight of the 13 songs immensely likeable, Sohail Sen makes an impressive debut.

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