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What’s In A Name?

Sequels are the flavour of the season and director Deepak Shivdasani who made Julie 2 tells us why he decided to remake his film and what went into the process

Returning after a gap

I took a break from filmmaking for personal reasons. After that, I started writing my stories and took four years to write Julie 2. Then it took me a year to make the film. It was a story I wanted to tell but kept revisiting it. That’s why it took so long to write. Now, it’s all set to release.

Why Julie 2?

I could have given the film any title but my main protagonist happened to be a Catholic girl. The name ‘Julie’ came to mind and I called the film Julie 2. It’s the story of a film star who happened to be a Catholic girl.

On Julie (2004)

Julie was one of the first films of its time, when women wore revealing clothes. Post-Julie, I decided that I wouldn’t make a film where women dressed like that. It was a sleeper hit but when we decided to make this film, things fell into place.

Changing process

A lot has changed in the industry, some for the better and some for the worse. For example, in our time, we could directly meet an actor and narrate a script whereas today, you have to meet an actor through a talent-management company! I would like to know just how much these companies understand about scripts. This is one thing I don’t like. I love the way technology has progressed. These days, people say films are completed on time but, let me tell you, in my time, I used to complete all my films in four months. It all depends on how well the director has planned everything.

Another problem with talent management companies is that when they do spot a good script but can’t decide whether or not to do it, they tell you that their actor likes the script but can do it only in 2019! So there are many aspects which are not so great. One good thing is that movie-goers are appreciating good content and care little for star power.

On casting

I wanted a fresh new face for my protagonist. I did approach a few reputed actresses but they turned down the film, perhaps because I hadn’t made a film in a long time. In any case, I was always in favour of casting a fresh face, someone the audience would see as ‘Julie’ and not as a character the actress has played before. While the hunt was on, my cameraman, who is from the South, called me and said, ‘I have found your Julie’. That’s how Raai Laxmi came on board.

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