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What! The cast and crew of this film are put on a lockdown for not being able to pay hotel bills?

There are times when filmmakers aim to achieve much more than they can possibly reach. Take this upcoming film for example. It was announced not too long back with a credible actor but then went through some casting turbulence with the lead actress. After that got sorted, the film, already delayed, finally went on floors at an outdoor location. But then, as the team kept shooting at this location, they ran out of the moolah they were allotted. Now, with no new monies coming in, the team had no finances to pay the on location bills. Things got interesting when the people who were owed the money put the entire team of the film, including the lead actors, on a lockdown. They have now taken the belongings of the team from their rooms and kept it hostage till they get their payment cleared. Even more interesting is the fact that our lead actor managed to somehow sneak away from all this drama. Last heard, the makers are struggling to get the payment done before any of this news gets out but they should have known that stuff like this can’t be kept under wraps for too long.

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