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This is what Dr. Shashi Tharoor has to say on being part of Amazon Prime Video's One Mic Stand

Amazon Prime Video's latest and greatest One Mic Stand is streaming now! The show features Sapan Verma as the host along with participants from various professional backgrounds. One of the contestants on the show is Dr. Shashi Tharoor who is seen in a never before seen avatar doing stand up comedy.

When asked on how it feels to try something that is so different and falls in uncharted territory, Dr. Shashi Tharoor shared, "I’m quite excited to be an integral part of this unique Stand-Up comedy series on Amazon Prime Video. Needless to say, it’s been an overwhelming experience for me to embrace stand-up comedy for the first time ever. At times, we do crack a joke or two in the political fraternity, though humor is always a big risk in the political world. However, this live comedy act, in particular, is fun and rewarding in itself. It feels like being a driver who takes his audience on a laughter journey whilst steering an unfamiliar bus all on his own. Great to wear this maiden hat of a Stand-Up comedian. Kudos to Kunal Kamra, my mentor on the show and Sapan for making it happen!”

The celebrities will be individually mentored by the wittiest comedians in India including Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, Zakir Khan, Kunal Kamra and Angad Singh Ranyal. 

One Mic Stand is created and hosted by Sapan Verma in collaboration with Only Much Louder and will be a five-episode series. The show will start streaming on Amazon Prime Video from the 15th of November 2019

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