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This is what Leonardo DiCaprio did to slow down climate change

When Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor award at the Oscars for The Revenant, he seized the opportunity to talk about the burning issue of climate change. The actor even delivered a landmark speech at the United Nations Climate Summit.

And now he has produced and narrated a documentary titled Ice On Fire. It talks about a local organization dedicated to the conservation of the environment and other climate change practitioners who are working to reduce climate change and its damaging effects.

This environmental documentary was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, 2019. DiCaprio said in the documentary, “Excess carbon creates climatic disruption; it changes the weather patterns and life support systems that society relies on to survive. But climate change can be reversed if we act now.” He adds, “The melting of the world’s snow and ice has now triggered multiple climate tipping points. The clock is ticking.”

Ice On Fire shows the impact of climate change on Arctic, Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Costa Rica and the ‘fire-ravaged ruins of Northern California’. It also explores the devastating impact of melting ice caps.  

Earlier in a statement, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor said, “My partners and I made Ice on Fire to give a voice to the scientists and researchers who work tirelessly every day on the front lines of climate change. We wanted to make a film that depicts the beauty of our planet while highlighting much-needed solutions across renewable energy and carbon sequestration. This film does more than show what is at stake if we continue on a course of inaction and complacency — it shows how, with the help of dedicated scientists, we can all fight back. I hope audiences will be inspired to take action to protect our beautiful planet.”

The documentary is also produced by George DiCaprio and Mathew Schmid. It is directed by Leila Conners. Check out the trailer here:

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