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What! This newbie actress rejected a film for THIS reason

Ego is an emotion that often gets the best of people and this newbie actress is no different. The star kid recently entered the world of films with a film that had a strong face backing it but alas, even that did not help. The film failed big time at the box office and now the actress is on the lookout for her next project. And we hear that she was offered a story which she liked but eventually rejected for the vainest of all reasons. Apparently, she did not want to star opposite an actor who is not very popular and has himself had a disappointment at the box office recently. We hear the young star is also throwing tantrums to other filmmakers and seems it won’t be too long before this attitude will hamper her future plans. Let’s hope when another film offer comes her way, better sense prevails. After all, out of sight quite often is out of mind!


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