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This is what Sai Deodhar learnt from her National Award winning mother Shrabani Deodhar

Sai Deodhar is a well-known name in television. She has worked in a lot of Hindi TV serials. The actress who is the daughter of National Award winning director Shrabani Deodhar made her Marathi cinema debut with her mother’s directorial Mogra Phulaalaa.

In an exclusive conversation with Box Office India, she spoke about what she learnt from her mom and her experience working with her. She said, “I have learnt the craft from her. She has taught me everything. What I like about her is that if somebody gives a good suggestion, she will consider it. She lets the actors do what they want to do but she also knows exactly what she wants. It is therefore comfortable and an absolute pleasure working with her.”

When asked as a director herself, what was the one thing that she learnt from her mom, Sai promptly replied, “Scripting. She taught me one thing, that in execution, things may go a little haywire or you may not be able to make it like you want to, but if your script is good, everything else can be managed. That is one thing she absolutely ingrained in me, a good script, which is the crux of anything.”

You can read Sai Deodhar’s complete interview here.

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