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Windows next short is all about Migrant Labourers - watch video

Migrant labourers are the people who help us to build our country. In the time of lockdown, they have suffered the most. Country's thinktanks have always highlighted the plight of migrant labourers. One of the largest production houses of Eastern India, Windows, has come forward to speak for them with their fifth short film, Kajol Mashi, from the Lockdown Shorts series.

Written by veteran Director, Nandita Roy, 'Kajol Mashi' is the story of a mother whose son is a migrant labourer staying in Dharavi, Mumbai. 'Kajol Mashi' highlights the plight of these ignored migrant workers; it talks about the anxiety and grief their families are battling each day. After 'Shilpi', Nandita Roy has penned a humane story with a message of stretching out our hand of help and support to them in the time of need. Talented mother-son duo Kheyali Dastidar and Aditya Sengupta were the lead actors who have performed exceptionally well in the film. Aditya Sengupta had made his debut in acting with a film under Windows' banner, Projapoti Biskut. Both the actors have done justice to his character. Kheyali Dastidar has brought out the emotions that every family member of the migrant workers are going through during this outbreak. 'Kajol Mashi' is not just about the plight of the migrant labourers. It intricately shows the relationship between the domestic help and a young member of the family.

Windows have consistently produced short films in their Lockdown Shorts stories that deal with social issues. The previous short films like Hing, Apple Tree, Rupkotha, Shilpi, from the same production house, have received accolades for its rich content.

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