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Witness a story of a stingy man, Bhaada, a slice-of-life short film, streaming on The Short Cuts

A quirky tale, Bhaada releases on The Short Cuts and features Shabbir Lala and Shweta Padda in the lead roles. The short film is a story about a stingy person who hates to spend money and how his behaviour changes when he meets his new tenant.

The film also stars Sunita Rajwar, Leslie Tripathi, Vedh Prakash and Nisesh. It is helmed by Shweta Padda and produced by Shabbir Lala. Bhaada, which is penned by Deepankar Prakash and shot by Punit Dhakar and Tarun Kundani is presented by KARA Studios.

Excited Shabbir Lala says, “After doing so much theatre and TVC’s, I never thought that I’ll get a chance to work on a short film and will have a different experience. It was challenging for me to pull such a character. After playing this character, I believe that I can be a comedian too.”

“I feel after living this character in Bhaada, I realised there were a lot of moments in life which inspired to play Paresh bhai. I just want audience to love and support and I would be able to find out more about inner-self in the field of acting,” he adds.

Karan Murarka, Founder, KARA Studios says, “While we are presenting a lot of meaningful cinema, we try showcasing interesting slices of life sketches ; Bhaada is one of those funny sketches and is a must watch for the humour around situations and characters.”

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