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World Cupp 2011

The opening sequence of the film suggests that Ravi Indulkar (Ravi Kapoor) cannot act; as the dialogues starts, the fact that he is not a good dialogue writer either, is revealed. And as the film progresses, it is also confirmed that he is a bad writer and a bad director as well. The promos of the film claimed that it is based on the nexus of cricket bookies and promised to reveal some sensational unknown facts pertaining to the cricket world and the underworld. But apart from using suggestive names like Ravi Indulkar, Sarkar, Chota Rajan, R R Patil and D and casting a look alike of Anjali Tendulkar as Ravi Indulkar’s physiotherapist girlfriend there is no actual revelation.

Worse, the film deviates from the plot in the beginning only. It is a story about a famous cricket captain who betrays his family honour and the country for money. He soon realizes his mistake, when the booking scam is exposed and subsequently, all those who love him leave him. He tries to turn over a new leaf and plays well, this time for the country, despite unpleasant circumstances.

A large portion of the film has been shot on the cricket field. However, repetitive shots and reactions of the players on the ground can get irritating for the viewers. The sequences have been handled in a juvenile manner. For instance, when the hero’s father dies, there is no trace of remorse on his face. 

The songs are nothing to boast about including the sleazy item number by Kashmira Shah. The background music is no relief either. Aadesh Shrivastav makes a fool of himself as he tries his hand, or rather leg in dancing in the first song. The dialogues are very immature.Technically from the lighting to the editing everything needs serious face lift.

Ravi Kapoor cannot emote; seasoned actors like Prem Chopra and Smita Jaykar are wasted in the film. Suresh Oberoi, with a pot belly, looks uncomfortable as the coach of the cricket team. Manisha adds to the glamour quotient but has nothing to do except show her plunging neckline. 
Ravi Kapoor as a director is a confused lad as to whether he should emphasise on the plot or concentrate on launching himself as an actor. He tried to fit in every possible dramatic sequence.
Box Office prospects of World Cup 2011 are nil.

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