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Worth their weight in gold

Can one compare Sholay (1975) with Dabangg (2010)? 

Or Ghajini (2008) with Baahubali (2015-2017)?

What about Sangam (1964) and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)?


Not really, many would say, right?


Now look at this:

A film released in 1960 & made a pricey Rs 5.5 crore at the box office at that time... 

A film released in 2008 and made it to the Rs 100 Crore club for the first time…

A film then crossed Rs 350 Crore

Which one is the greatest of all time? 

What are the evaluation parameters?


While many would feel that we can't equate business of films that released so far apart from each other, we have a ready reckoner, to compare and make perfect sense in today's times, of the mind-boggling collection data. 

Gold is one commodity that has stood the test of time as a parameter of value. So if we take the gold rate of the same period when a film released and deduce that the rate of the metal has shot up 8 times since, we simply multiply the lifetime collection of the film by 8.

While this might still not be an accurate formula, we know that it is the best possible way to compare collections of films that even released say 50 years ago with that of today. What better than gold, a great equaliser!

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