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Zanzibar International Film Festival

June 29 – July 7
Zanzibar, East Africa

What’s It All About?

The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival, bringing new talents together from all over the world for a Zanzibar tamasha. Every year, some of the most captivating and cutting-edge cinema from Africa and beyond is screened at venues across the island

From world-premieres to local shorts, the festival has a wide variety of screenings, with a long history of showcasing the highest quality films from all over the world. Films are submitted on a yearly theme – this year is ‘Season of Visions’ – and entered in various categories and competitions. The final night is an awards night, where the winning films are celebrated.

ZIFF also puts on the island’s best parties with live music, dance, DJs and performance across several venues for two weeks. The fest brings musicians together from all over Africa, as well as recognised international acts.

It also brings together exhibitions, workshops and cultural tours that take patrons to the heart of the island’s communities. It promotes local talent in film and music, and showcases new and old creative achievements.

Watch Out For!

The official selection includes 80 films in four categories: ZIFF Competition, Sembene Prize, Bongo Movies, Out of Competition.

Some of the films in the various sections are:

ZIFF Competition

• 100 Bucks

• A Story About Wendy

• Bobby

• Brotherly Love

• Burning Nest

• My Shoes

• Between Friends

Sembene Prize

• Garifuna In Peril

• Tamar

• Haunted Souls

• The Last Fishing Boat

• The Silent Crime

Bongo Movies

• Crush

• Lost Journey To Nowhere

Out of Competition

• Bicycle

• Murk Light

• All Rajeem

• Los Rockers, Rebellions Rock And Roll

There are three entries from India in several sections and include documentaries, In Gods Land by Pankaj Rishi Kumar, No Problem! 6 Month With The Barefoot Grandmamas by Yamin Kidwai; and a fiction film, The Dew Drop by Abhivan Tiwari.

Farewell Bi Kidude

ZIFF is sad to announce the passing away of Bi Fatma binti Baraka (popularly known as Bi Kidude) in Zanzibar, on April 17. She was the most famous of Zanzibari Taarab singers and the first recipient of the ZIFF Lifetime Achievement award, which is conferred every year on Tanzanian artistes who have contributed to the development of the arts in Tanzania and the world.

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